Saturday, August 8, 2015

"What's Your Sign, Girl" - Now available!

"What's Your Sign, Girl?"

Edited by Rob Kirby

76 pages ~ $10.95 | Black And White  | 6. x 9 inches

Cover by Michael Fahy

Most people can say what sign of the zodiac they are, whether or not they know what the sign means or even believe in astrology. But the twelve alt-cartoonists in "What's Your Sign, Girl?" have something to say about their locations on the zodiacal calendar. With enthusiasm, skepticism or dismay, the artists share how their signs impact self, relationships, and their places in the cosmos.

Constellation of Contributors: 

Aries: Delaine Derry Green
Taurus: Kevin Budnik
Gemini: Whit Taylor
Cancer: Tyler Cohen
Leo: Cara Bean
Virgo: Robert Kirby
Libra: Rick Worley
Scorpio: Eric Kostiuk Williams
Sagittarius: Dan Mazur
Capricorn: Annie Murphy
Aquarius: Aron Nels Steinke
Pisces: Marnie Galloway

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