Thursday, August 28, 2014

SubCultures Previews: Doane! Glass! Taylor! Photinakis! Seitchik!

More enticement from SubCultures... the anthology will be out in 2 weeks (you can pre-order if you're impatient).  As seen on the Ninth Art Press Tumblr Collection.  First Ben Doane sends a dispatch from the front of Tabletop Wargaming:

...and Maggie Glass' On (not) Putting the Toys Away, a piece on the strange, and strangely touching world of Reborn dolls...

A different kind of "adult doll" owner is profiled by Whit Taylor in The Synthetic Option:

Devotion in Every Stitch by Maria Photinakis is the memoir of a Cosplayer"

And more battlefield reportage, this time from Daryl Seitchik: the summer-camp-set Color War:

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

SubCultures: the cover, evolved.

Since last we met, Box Brown has punched up the colors for the SubCultures cover.  Great before, now a knockout:

Coming in September, but why wait?  Pre-order today!

Friday, August 15, 2014

More SubCultures Peeks: Alden, Bonesteel, Zaltzman, Wilson, Boyce!

Editor Whit Taylor is sooo much better at posting the SubCultures previews on Tumblr than I am at getting them onto this here website.  It's catch-up time again!  I will say in all modesty that I think this little selection of pages gives an idea of the diversity of topics and styles you'll find in the anthology.

And don't forget, you can get all these images and more on actual paper - reserve your copy by pre-ordering the tome right now!  

Here's one from Shredders, a story about industrial shredder enthusiasts, by the master of graphite, Sam Alden

Li-Or Zaltzman's  Two Feet Out the Door shares her experience in the Israeli ex-pat community:

Bonesteel's Slashers disembowels the world of horror fans for us:

Stevie Wilson reveals the rules and rituals of Goth Fetish Clubs:

And Melinda Tracy Boyce explores the unique culture of the Herero tribe of southern Africa  in I am Herero: