Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hot off the Presses!

Buy it this weekend at the Holly Fair or the Bazaar Bizarre. Or order it right now!

The fantasmagorical cover is by Dan Moynihan, and here is our slightly snarky press release:

Ninth Art Press presents


Ninth Art Press is justifiably proud to announce the publication of The Greatest of All Times Comics Anthology, a collection of stories revolving around the concepts of supreme excellence, magnificent achievement, and inflated hype.

In short, each of the 20 stories in the collection is about the Greatest somethingof All Time.

26 independent comics creators put their minds to this challenge, and produced an assortment of stories which run the gamut from political satire to autobiography, fantasy, historical non-fiction and other genres. With subjects like the greatest rock band of all time, the greatest conspiracy of all time and the greatest spy of all time, to the greatest potato of all time, the greatest bruise of all time, and the greatest sweater of all time, the stories range from the (supposedly) factual, to the entirely fictional, to the extravagantly silly.

“The idea of the theme was, on the one hand, to play with the idea of hype and success which are such big parts of our culture, or to look at the real meaning of greatness, depending on how each individual creator wanted to interpret it,” says co-editor Dan Mazur. “We just put this rich idea in front of a bunch of writers and artists and let them run with it. We ended up with a lot of unexpected things, and a really fun collection of comics. Maybe the greatest ever. No, definitely the greatest ever.”

The stories in The Greatest of All Time Comics Anthology range from tantalizingly economical two pagers, to a ten-page epic about the Greatest Neck Pillow of All Time; there are also two stories in full, vibrant color. Bound in durable card-stock covers, with numerologically-significant total page count of 123, the collection sells for the astonishingly reasonable price of $12.00. There is some mature content**, making the book appropriate for ages 14 and up. Or younger, if the parents are really cool.

The Greatest of All Time Comics Anthology has also been chosen by the editors of the Greatest of All Time Comics Anthology as a “top pick” holiday gift for anyone interested in off-beat independent comics anthologies.

Edited by Dan Mazur and Jesse Lonergan, contributors to the book are:

  • Jesse Lonergan
  • Rachel Foss
  • Dorothy Gambrell
  • Whit Taylor
  • J.L. Bell
  • Braden Lamb
  • Gary Bonesteel
  • Alex Jarvis
  • Donna Martinez
  • Matt Aucoin
  • Glynnis Fawkes
  • Danny Lewis
  • Rebecca Viola
  • Jason Viola
  • Caitlin Plovnick
  • Eric Boeker
  • E.J. Barnes
  • Troy Minkowsky
  • Paul Hanna
  • Line O
  • Lindsay Moore
  • Len White
  • Marty Moyer
  • Roho
  • Hyun Supul
  • Doug De Rocher
**PARENTAL ADVISORY: The word “orgasm” appears on pages 5 & 7, and “The Greatest Beer of All Time” contains references to beer.

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