Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hellbound II

Hellbound II cover by Jesse Lonergan

Hellbound II

a Boston Comics Roundtable Anthology

Edited by Jesse Lonergan

Originally published by Roho

92 pages ~ $10 | B&W | 6 x 9 inches

New England's most disturbed comic creators present a dozen nightmares in black and white: a fiend in the next hospital bed, a comic book that drives men to murder, a plague with feathers, a love-triangle in a cemetery... plus a whole unholy host of demons, psychos and misunderstood monsters. These will be your companions for a cozy evening of blood and gore and over-the-top horror as you snuggle up with the second volume of Hellbound.

Preview Art


  • Galaxis Magazine#3 by John Zipperer
  • High Low by Rob Clough
  • Robot 6 by Brigid Alverson
  • Sequential Tart by Roz Young
  • Boston Dig by Bill Shaner
  • Emi Gennis Review
  • Schulz Library by Jen Vaught
  • Spandexless by David Anderson
  • New England Art Awards Art Edition nominated in the Book Category

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  • Monday, March 5, 2012

    Coming Soon: Hellbound II

    Coming VERY Soon!

    Ninth Art Press, in cooperation with River Bird Comics, and with the participation of the world-famous locally well-regarded Boston Comics Roundtable, and the generous support of the League of Nations Cultural Development Fund, presents Hellbound II! Details soon…

    Cover art  by Jesse Lonergan