Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Shirley Jackson Project

Seventeen acclaimed alternative cartoonists explore and celebrate the work of the legendary mid-20th century author Shirley Jackson ("The Lottery," The Haunting of Hill HouseWe Have Always Lived in the Castle), including Colleen Frakes, Katie Fricas, Annie Murphy, Josh Simmons, and Maggie Umber. Edited by Ignatz Award-winner Robert Kirby.

128 pages
Black and white
$16.95 + shipping

Sample pages:

Robert Triptow, "The Haunting of Fernwood Drive"

Rob Kirby, "Cabinet of Blood"

Jen Camper, "The Guest Bathroom"

Maggie Umber, "The Tooth"

Jon Macy, "Words of Fire"

W. Woods, "Merricat"

Friday, July 8, 2016

The Shirley Jackson Project: Preview

Here's another peek at  Ninth Art's upcoming The Shirley Jackson Project: Comics Inspired by Her Life and Work.  This feature, a little primer on some of Jackson's recurring archetypes, written by the book's editor, Rob Kirby, and drawn by cover artist Michael Fahy.  More soon... and in September, the book itself!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Shirley Jackson Project Preview: Asher and Lillie Craw

Here's a peek at one of the stories featured in Ninth Art's upcoming The Shirley Jackson Project: Comics Inspired by Her Life and Work.  This one by Asher and Lillie Craw.  More soon... and in September, the book itself!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Shirley Jackson Project: Cover Art

Fantastic cover art by Michael Fahy for the upcoming anthology, "The Shirley Jackson Project: Comics Inspired by her Work and Life."  I'm very excited about this book (the brainchild of editor Robert Kirby): if you haven't read a lot of Jackson's stories and novels, get to it: you'll want to be up to speed when the book comes out this fall....!!

Contributors to the book:  
Colleen FrakesRobert TriptowJennifer CamperEric OrnerJosh Simmons,Annie MurphyPinc RoqDan MazurGabrielle GamboaIvan Velez Jr.,Hannah Blumenreich, Maggie Umber, Asher & Lillie Craw, Jon Macy, W. Woods, Rob Kirby. 

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Coming Soon - The Shirley Jackson Project

The next anthology from Ninth Art Press will be this tribute to the great Shirley Jackson, edited by Rob "What's Your Sign Girl" Kirby. 

Friday, January 15, 2016


Celebrate the publication of Muqtatafat, the first anthology of independent comics from the Arab world published in the U.S. 

Edited by Boston and Cambridge-based team of Anna Mudd, A. David Lewis and Paul Beran, and published by local Ninth Art Press, Muqtatafat presents to North American readers a glimpse of the vibrant and diverse world of Arab comics, featuring 15 artists from Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan and elsewhere. Political, personal, satirical and whimsical, these comics present unusual insights into the creativity and culture of the Middle East. 

At this event, the editors and publisher will discuss and disiplay the contents of the book, describe the process of its publication, and give an introduction to the world of Arab comics in general, including the legal and censorship problems facing Samandal, the groundbreaking Lebanese comics journal, for which all sales of Muqtatafat are a benefit.



Wednesday, December 16, 2015


The First Anthology of Arab Independent Cartoonists Published in America!

Featuring artists from Arabic-speaking regions of the Middle East, including Lebanon, Egypt, and Jordan among others, this collection provides a snapshot of the state of independent comics in the Arab world, in various styles and genres ranging from slice-of-life and satire to political commentary and fantasy. An essay by contributing comic artist and scholar Lena Merhej places the work in historical and social context.

 Contributors: Lena Merhej (Lebanon); Mike V. Derderian (Jordan); Omar Khouri (Lebanon); Maya Zankoul (Lebanon); Nidal El Khairy (Jordan); Mahdi Fleifel (Palestine,Holland); Basel Nasr (Palestine); Ghadi Ghosn (Lebanon); Sandra Ghosn (Lebanon, France); Wassim Maouad (Lebanon); Magdy El Shafee (Egypt); Jana Traboulsi (Lebanon); Mohamed El Shennawy (Egypt); Barrack Rima (Lebanon, Belgium); Mohamed Tawfik (Egypt).

Edited by Anna Mudd, A. David Lewis and Paul Beran
114 pages
Black and white


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+ 3.25 shipping (domestic) $20 shipping overseas

What's Your Sign, Girl? Reviewed on Lambda Literary

Cathy Camper at, opines: "This compilation’s topic and sharp design make it irresistible to peruse. And it would make a great quirky birthday or holiday gift for that someone who has everything–because they’re bound to have an astrological sign too."

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